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Pensacola cakes - Confection Perfection
Client: Confection Perfection

Confection Perfection is one of Pensacola’s premier confectioners. Marcia Aceval specializes in cakes, Madame Pompadour Torts and edible handmade flowers. They make pastries, confections and custom cakes for all occasions.

We are helping Confection Perfection establish their online presence for their cake brand. Their are using our Deluxe Internet Marketing Program. Confection Perfection did not have a current website, so we designed one from scratch. They wanted a simple website that allowed their amazing cake and confection pictures to shine.

Shireman & Ortiz Solution

  • Website Design
  • Website Programming Using PHP
  • Content Manage System Using WordPress
  • Custom Plug-ins (Custom Forms, Testimonial Forms)
  • Mobile Website
  • PHP, Javascript, HTML, MySQL